CSD (Canteen Stores Department) Chennai Public Fund Account

CSD (Canteen Stores Department) Chennai Public Fund Account

  • A/C NO – 10885904527
  • IFSC CODE – SBIN0017843
  • OFFICE CONTACT NO – 8838529818


Why can’t I pay through Payment Gateway/ Online Payment when I have opted for a loan?

For loan the only payment option is direct transfer because the payment gateway will accept only full payments.

Dealer Price is filled but still the error is showing, “Billing dealer price is required filed. ”?

The “Dealer Price” has to be exactly the same as the “Net price to be Paid”.

Can I change the pre-filled details in checkout form?

No, all these details are picked from the registration form that the user filled while registration. Please contact the helpdesk for further query.

Can I buy a second car from AFD within 5 years of buying the first car, if I transfer the first one to my family member’s name?

No, the car cannot be transferred before completing 5 years of purchase.

When can I buy the same category product again?

Any product of the same kind can only be bought once in a specified period. Kindly contact CS Directorate for more information.

Why do I get this alert, “You are not entitled to purchase the selected car”?

There are three entitlement categories(Officers, JCO, OR) and every category has a different allowance. If any user is getting the above said message then the user must choose a different product of lower value within their allowed limit.

What if I forget my login password?

You can reset your password using “lost your password” on login page.

Why can’t I login after registration? Or Why my login details are invalid after registration?

Users will be notified on registered email address after administrator’s approval. Login account will remain invalid till approval.

Why do I get this alert, “Email already exists”?

There is an username that is already registered with the same email id.

Why do I get this alert, “Grocery Card ID already exists”?

There are high chances that you already have username registered with the same Grocery Card ID. Please contact the helpdesk at 0120-4699923.

Who all are entitled for other AFD (Two Wheeler, Fridge, Washing Machine, T.V, AC) items?

Following category of canteen smartcard holders are authorised for other AFD items:-
(a) Serving Armed Forces personnel.
(b) Retired Armed Forces personnel.
(c) Serving Defence Civilians.

Is there any minimum service requirement as in car for other AFD items?

No, all category of canteen smartcard holders as stated above are entitled to purchase other AFD items irrespective of service period.

What is the periodicity of other AFD purchases?

Once in four years.