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Central Government Health Scheme is providing comprehensive medical care to the Central Government employees and pensioners enrolled under the scheme. In fact CGHS caters to the healthcare needs of eligible beneficiaries covering all four pillars of democratic set up in India namely Legislature, Judiciary, Executive and Press. CGHS is the model Health care facility provider for Central Government employees & Pensioners and is unique of its kind due to the large volume of beneficiary base, and open ended generous approach of providing health care.

Presently approximately 35 lakh beneficiaries are covered by CGHS in 71 cities all over India and the endeavour is to include more cities to improve the accessibility of the services.

CGHS provides health care through following systems of Medicine

  • Allopathic
  • Homoeopathic
  • Indian system of medicine
  • Ayurveda
  • Unani
  • Siddha and
  • Yoga

Central Government Health Scheme (CGHS) issued circulars from time to time for pensioners and family pensioners regarding empanelled hospital, package rates, subscription, ward entitlement, permission letter, emergency treatment rules.

CGHS Circulars for Pensioners:

7th Pay Commission CGHS New Subscription Rates Per Month

Details for all pay matrix levels of CGHS subscription rates list for both serving CG employees and pensioners:

Pay Level 1: Rs. 250 PM
Pay Level 2: Rs. 250 PM
Pay Level 3: Rs. 250 PM
Pay Level 4: Rs. 250 PM
Pay Level 5: Rs. 250 PM
Pay Level 6: Rs. 450 PM
Pay Level 7: Rs. 650 PM
Pay Level 8: Rs. 650 PM
Pay Level 9: Rs. 650 PM
Pay Level 10: Rs. 650 PM
Pay Level 11: Rs. 650 PM
Pay Level 12 and above: Rs. 1,000 PM

List of CGHS Covered Cities 2021

Latest list of CGHS Covered Cities in India 2021

  • CGHS Agartala, CGHS Ahmedabad, CGHS Aizawl, CGHS Allahabad (Prayagraj)
  • CGHS Bangalore, CGHS Bhopal, CGHS Bhubaneswar
  • CGHS Chandigarh, CGHS Chennai
  • CGHS Delhi & NCR (Delhi, Faridabad, Ghaziabad, Greater Noida, Gurgaon, Indirapuram, And Sahibabad) and CGHS Dehradun
  • CGHS Gandhinagar, CGHS Gangtok, CGHS Guwahati, CGHS Goa
  • CGHS Hyderabad
  • CGHS Imphal, CGHS Indore
  • CGHS Jabalpur, CGHS Jaipur, CGHS Jammu
  • CGHS Kolkata, CGHS Kanpur, CGHS Kohima
  • CGHS Lucknow
  • CGHS Mumbai, CGHS Meerut
  • CGHS Nagpur
  • CGHS Pune, CGHS Patna, CGHS Puducherry
  • CGHS Raipur, CGHS Ranchi
  • CGHS Shillong, CGHS Shimla,
  • CGHS Thiruvananthapuram
  • CGHS Visakhapatnam

The list of 33 Wellness Centres at present functioning in the following cities

  • CGHS Agra, CGHS Ajmer, CGHS Aligarh, CGHS Ambala, CGHS Amritsar
  • CGHS Bareilly, CGHS Baghpat, CGHS Berhampur
  • CGHS Chhapra, CGHS Cuttack
  • CGHS Darbhanga, CGHS Dhanbad, CGHS Dibrugarh
  • CGHS Gaya, CGHS Gorakhpur, CGHS Guntur
  • CGHS Jalandhar, CGHS Jalpaiguri, CGHS Jodhpur
  • CGHS Kota
  • CGHS Moradabad, CGHS Muzaffarpur
  • CGHS Nellore
  • CGHS Rajahmundry
  • CGHS Silchar, CGHS Sonipat, CGHS Siliguri, CGHS Saharanpur
  • CGHS Tiruchirapalli, CGHS Tirunelveli
  • CGHS Varanasi, CGHS Vijayawada, CGHS Vadodara

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