Canteen Stores Department (CSD) – Beneficiary Manual PDF Download

Canteen Stores Department (CSD) – Beneficiary Manual

Beneficiary Manual PDF Download

Online Registration Manual PDF Download

All CSD Canteen Customers are advised to register on the official website of Then only you can buy AFD items such as Car, Bike, AC, Refrigerator, Washing Machine, etc.

A can register with few simple steps even on your mobile or laptop also. We are here guide step by step on how to register your name at

The web site of Canteen Stores Department is available at 14.2 The web site provides the following facilities:

(a) The consumer can get details of a product by either searching on the index No, Generic group type, gift scheme etc.

(b) The price and other details of AFD items can be queried as per user requirement. The details of dealers can also be viewed.

(c) The web site also caters for uploading of tender inquiry details of CSD works/contracts. The web site also provides provisions to down load the tender documents.

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(d) The web site also allows the viewers to browse the monthly bulletins and also download the same.

(e) Provisions have also been made to download forms for new introduction, AFD application forms and other details.

(f) Provision for login of URC with username & password will be made available in a phased manner at a later point of time.

(g) Quality complaints, feedback and suggestion for new introduction can also be done through the web site.

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