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 AFD Items Process Online Sales of CSD Canteen

CSD Canteen launches an online portal for sales of all AFD Items for all primary CSD Smart Card holders. Integrated Headquarter of MoD (Army), Quartermaster General’s Branch, Canteen Services Directorate, West Block 3rd, Wing 3rd, RK Puram, New Delhi- 110066, Letter Number 95106 / Q / BOCCS dated 04 December 2020 to All concerned Command HQ and others.

As part of the automation of CSD, to enhance the user experience and provide easy of transaction to CSD beneficiaries, a website has been developed for online documentation and payment by the beneficiaries.

CSD launch online portal for all AFD items Car / Bike / Refrigerator / Washing Machin / AC etc. CSD depots will not be accepting physical documents from all URCs. Now individuals can apply online for all AFD items.

AFD Items Online Purchase Sign up Required Details

Following details of the individual will be verified during sign up-

  • Grocery Card Number,
  • Chip number of grocery cards for cards made post-2014 the cheap number is printed on the card for older cards chip number is available on the printed bill,
  • Aadhar card number which will be verified from UIDAI database,
  • PAN card number which will be verified from find database,
  • Date of birth,
  • Name of the individual,
  • Mobile number as registered with Aadhar,
  • Personal email address,
  • it is imperative that the name and date of birth on the Smart Card and Aadhar Number is the same in case the credentials don’t match the beneficiary will not be allowed to sign up, hence all beneficiaries are requested to get their details rectified as per Aadhar.
  • Once the beneficiary sign up, he will be able to place indent for AFD items online as per his entitlement considering his past purchase record.
  • Once the indent is placed online the Depot will check the indent and sent the payment link to the beneficiary by email.
  • Once the payment is successful the soft copy of the Purchase Order (PO) will be sent to the dependent URC. The beneficiary will be intimated to collect Purchase Order (PO) from the URC.
  • At URC the nominated officer will be given access to the website for this purpose, Aadhar based E-sign of nominated officers will be generated from CDAC. An additional officer will also be nominated in case the officer is on leave.
  • Once the beneficiary’s documents are physically verified by URCs, the nominated URC will issue Purchase Order (PO) to the beneficiary and also make entry into his Smart Card.
  • Once the purchase order is issued, the beneficiary will collect the item (Car / Bike / other AFD items) from the dealer.

Online CSD AFD items apply  – Click Here

For those who want to understand this letter in Hindi, I would like to say that this letter is Integrated Headquarter of MoD (Army) Quartermaster General’s Branch, Canteen Services Directorate, West block III, Wing III, RK Puram, New Delhi, by Patra Sankhya 95106 This letter has been written on / Q / BOCCS Date 04 December 2020, the subject of which is the online Sales of AFD items with references given letter number 95106 / Q / BOSCS dated 23 October 2020.

It was told through this letter that automation is a part of CSD, the document process that was already being done for AFD items will now be made online, through it all the AFD items will now be processed online by all nominated URCs. You will be able to receive purchase orders from the depot. The trial was started from 7 December.

After the trial is successful, all CSD AFD items such as cars, motorcycles, televisions, washing machines, refrigerators, air conditioners etc. can be purchased by filling indent forms online and submitting online payments, purchase orders from the respective CSD Canteen.

How to Purchase CSD AFD Items Online

An option will be given on the CSD website in which to book an AFD item provided by a motorcycle / car or any other type of CSD, the primary smart card holder must first sign up and register, then login to it He has to fill his details which will be like this-

AFD Items Online Purchase Sign up Details

  • Grocery card number primary one,
  • The card number, which is made after 2014, is written on the card, which comes by writing the number on the bill of old cards,
  • Aadhaar card number which will be verified from UIDAI database
  • PAN card number which will be verified from PAN database
  • date of birth,
  • The person’s name,
  • Mobile number which is registered with Aadhaar
  • Own email id,
  • It is to be noted here that the date of birth written in your canteen smart card should also be in the Aadhar card. If your date of birth or any other details do not match, you will not be able to sign up. Therefore, the beneficiaries are instructed to check all their details first to be as per Aadhaar.
  • Once the beneficiary signs up, he / she can then process his / her indent form online as well as see the record of all AFD item purchases he / she has made in the past.
  • Once the indent form is filled and submitted online then the concerned depot will check it and if true, a link will be generated and sent to your registered email ID for payment.
  • After successful payment by the beneficiary, a soft copy of the purchase order will be sent to the dependent CSD canteen selected by the beneficiary, along with the beneficiary who will be informed via email / SMS He should get the purchase order from the respective canteen.
  • Two officers have been nominated for this task by all CSD canteens who will be able to access the website for this purpose.
  • In the present time, the way all the documents are used, all those documents will have to be verified and brought to the respective canteen, after verification, it will be entered in your main grocery card and purchase order will be made available to you.
  • After receiving the purchase order, the beneficiary dealer can take his goods Car / Bike / TV / Fridge / Washing Machin / AC / Other AFD items by placing a purchase order. In addition, detailed instructions will be sent by the software to the beneficiary.

Buy AFD items online – Click Here

Statutory warning

Viewers are informed that all the information shown here is a general information, do not consider this information complete in itself. The above information can also be changed without any prior notice as per time, place and circumstances. Before processing to buy a car / luggage / other, close your nearest CSD. Please know well in this regard. Complete care has been taken to type here but if there is any kind of error, your suggestions are invited. You can comment by commenting in the comment box, but the publisher ( sahijankari) for any trouble / compensation due to that error . com ) will not be responsible or any of your suit will not be valid

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