New CSD Price List of Whirlpool Refrigerator 2021

AFD Whirlpool Refrigerator CSD Canteen Price List 2021

Latest Military,army Canteen New Price List Update Electronic items Whirlpool Refrigerator August 2021

AFD CSD Canteen whirlpool Fridge Price List 2021
Index  Code Model CSD AFD Price
67043 T 205 Gen CLS PLS 3 Star -E Rs.9,570
67212 D 215 IMPC PRM 3 Star Twinkle-E Fin Rs.10,670
67110 K 205 IMPC PRM 3 Star Primrose Fin Rs.10,600
67112 A 230 IMFR PRM 4 Star INV Hibiscus-E Fin Rs.13,422
67225 L NEO FR258 CLS PLS STL Fin (2 Star) Rs.14,804
67047 D NEO  DF258 ROY/ ROY Cool Illusia Stl (2 Star) Rs.15,620
67109 T 260 IMPRO PRM 4 Star INV Hibiscus Fin Rs.15,091
67050 P NEO  DF278 PRM Cool Illusia Steel (3 Star) Rs.18,208
67215 P 305 IMFR PRM 3 Star Magnolia Fin E Rs.18,150
67223 D FP 283D Protton Roy Rs.22,005
67224 E FP 343D Protton Roy Rs.27,978
67045 X IF CNV 455 Alpha Steel (3 Star) Rs.33,550

New CSD Price List of Whirlpool Air Conditioner 2021

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