CSD Canteen Price List of LG LED TV 2021

CSD Canteen Price List of LED TV 2021

Latest CSD (Canteen Stores Department) LG LED TV (Television) Price List 2021

CSD Canteen Price List of LG LED TV (Television) 2021

Index Number: 22539
Model: LG 32″ LED 32LK536
CSD Price: Rs. 11,946

Index Number: 22540
Model: LG 32″ LED SMART 32LM636
CSD Price: Rs. 15,499

Index Number: 22506
Model: LG 32″ SMART LED 32LK628
CSD Price: Rs. 17710

Index Number: 22541
Model: LG 43″ LED 43LK 5260 SERIES
CSD Price: Rs. 21,850

Index Number: 22499
Model: LG 43″ LED 43LM6360
CSD Price: Rs. 28,290

Index Number: 22542
Model: LG 43″ LED SMART 43UM7300
CSD Price: Rs. 33,005

Index Number: 22543
Model: LG 43″ LED Smart 4K UHD 43UM7780
CSD Price: Rs. 34,040

Index Number: 22544
Model: LG 49″ LED SMART 4K ULTRA 49UM7300
CSD Canteen Price: Rs. 47,035

Index Number: 22545
Model: LG 49″ LED SMART 4K UHD 49SM8100
CSD Price: Rs. 53,475

Index Number: 22546
Model: LG 55″ LED SMART 55UM7300
CSD Price: Rs. 52,105

Index Number: 22547
Model: LG 55″ LED UHD 55SM8100
CSD Price: Rs. 63,825

Index Number: 22548
CSD Price: Rs. 1,25,120

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