Pension Slip and Form 16 Download? – Check Pension Status Online

Central Government Pension Slip and Form 16 Download? 

All Central Government pensioners can now check pension profile, arrears calculation, life certificate details instantly

The State Bank of India has initiated to commence a website for Central Government Pensioners to know all details of pension details and download pension slip, arrears statement and form 16.

CG Pensioners Pension Slip FAQ

Every pensioner can check all information about Pension, Arrear Calculation, Profile, Investment, Life Certificate and Transaction details in their home itself.

Pensioners can now get their pension details from their mobile phone itself through SMS.

Every month pensioners will get the detailed information of penionslip to their registered email.

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No need to go to the bank branch to submit ‘Life Certificate’, submit at any branch of SBI.

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And many more service available in Pension Seva SBI for registered pensioners only.

How to register with SBI Seva?

With few simple steps, pensioner can register through the website of SBI Seva.

Step-1: Create a User-id (to be created by the pensioner – min 5 characters)

Step-2: Enter your Pension account number

Step-3: Enter your Date of Birth

Step-4: Enter the Branch code of pension paying branch

Step-5: Your registered email id same as submitted to the branch

Step-6: Enter new password, then confirm password

[Note: i) Passwords should have a minimum length of 8 characters
ii) Passwords should have a combination of uppercase and lowercase alphabets, numerals and special characters.]

Choose 2 profile questions and answers and save for future reference, as it will be required in case you forget your password

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On successful registration, a mail would be sent to the registered email where a link will be available for account activation.

After activation, pensioner can login through his registered ID/Password.

User account will be locked out automatically after three consecutive unsuccessful logon attempts.

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