LG 10 kg Washing Machine CSD Canteen Price List 2021

AFD LG Washing Machine CSD Price 2021

AFD military Canteen Washing Machine Price 2021

The CSD price list of AFD LG Washing Machine Convection available in CSD Military Depot Canteen. All Army personnel and Ex-Servicemen are requested to contact your nearest AFD CSD dealer for obtaining the availability certificate of your selected item. And also confirm the price through your CSD Depot of the current DD amount price before indent.

CSD Price List of LG Semi Auto Washing Machine 2021

  • Index No: 21739-E
  • Category: WM
  • Nomenclature: SEMI-AUTO WASHING MACHINE 10 Kg
  • Model: P1045SGAZ

AFD IFB CSD Canteen Price List 2021

AFD Samsung Washing Machine Price 2021

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