Solution for Transfer of BULK ACCOUNTS during SOL Merger – DOP Finacle

Solution for Transfer of BULK ACCOUNTS during SOL Merger – DOP Finacle

Dear Sir/Madam

I am directed by competent authority to convey the following

This is regarding solution for transfer of BULK ACCOUNTS during SOL merger.

Few points on BULK TRANSFER of ACCOUNTS during SOL MERGER is given below for reference

Unverified / closed accounts will not get transferred and office accounts’ balance will also not get transferred.

BO accounts will also get transferred as a whole; accounts cannot be selected for any particular BO.

All the BOs will be linked with the new SOL after successful transfer of accounts. There won’t be any change in FSI BO Code. It will be linked to the new SOL after transfer of accounts.

Customer accounts bulk transfer patch has been deployed. Office accounts’ balance transfer and agents’ transfer, patch is expected to deployed shortly.

The offices which are to be merged should follow the instructions provided below:

​No verification should be pending on any account operations. If verification is pending, transfer of those accounts will not happen.

The users belonging to the SOL which is getting merged should be transferred to the SOL as per Division’s request.

CEPT team will carry out the merger activities; this will not be done at SOL level.

It is requested to kindly share the details as listed below for planning the merger activity.

a) SOLID to be merged
b) Name of SOL
c) SOLID in which merged
d) Name of SOL
e) Date of closure of SOL
f) No. of BOs to be transferred to new SOL
g) No. of BOs, if any, to be transferred to any other SOL than the SOL specified in column C
h) No. of Agents​
i) Approximate number of accounts (all schemes put together)

Please do not hesitate to revert in case of any Clarifications. Issues /clarifications if any may kindly be sent without marking REPLY TO ALL.

Thanks and Regards
Gopinath S
Inspector Posts
Chennai 600 002

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