Pay Matrix Annual Increment Calculation – TN 7th Pay Commission

TN 7th Pay Commission : Pay Matrix Annual Increment Calculation

Increments in Pay Matrix: The increment shall be effected by moving vertically down along the applicable Level by one cell from the existing cell of pay in the pay matrix .

The Pay Matrix shall comprise of two dimensions viz. horizontal range and vertical range:

(i) In the ‘Horizontal Range’, level corresponds to a functional role in the hierarchy and has been assigned level numbers 1, 2, 3 and so on, till 32. The level numbers correspond to Grade Pays in the existing system. Movement from one level to a higher level would take place due to movement to a higher functional role, including that due to promotion.

(ii) In the ‘Vertical Range’, each step denotes ‘pay progression’ within that level, and indicates the steps of annual financial progression of three percent in each level, corresponding to one increment. Movement along vertical range arises due to sanction of annual increment or grant of Selection Grade/Special Grade / stagnation / bonus increment.

Illustration :


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